25 Mai 2010

An epic day at Greifenburg and too windy at GO

I needed a nice, long flight, and predictions were great to find that in Greifenburg, so we went there for two days. Sunday was not so special, the sky pretty covered, but Monday was great. I took off at 11.45 and flew 6 hours, up to over 4000m of cloudbase, and to mountains I had never seen before.
In the course of the day the wind had switched to the southwest and got stronger, so landing was a bit tricky. I was happy that I flew until I was too tired to go on. We left for the German Open at Hochries after my landing, and here the sky looks epic, but it is way too windy to fly, gusts of up to 40 km/h in the valley are too much for hang gliders to handle. The local club has put heaps of work into this comp, with a big tent at hq, tonight there will be a meal and music and special local performances. The forecast for tomorrow is not really inspiring, and after that it is mostly rainrainrain - maybe I should go back to work and wait for better weather? I hope we will have more luck in Ager and Monte Cucco later this summer... Poor Masahiro - the Japanese team leader is here to compete at the German Open, so are many guys from Russia, Ukraine and Italy.

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