14 Mai 2010

Day 5: same procedure as yesterday

So what can we do about the weather? We can´t change that Tegelberg has been hiding in the clouds the last couple of days, so we just keep training - walking, running, some people are hiking or biking up the mountain again, I might go swimming later, and this morning we had a yoga session with Ute.
It seems like the weather will change to the better late on Sunday, and we might get to fly from Monday to Friday! As there is sunshine in our minds, it is just a question of time when the clouds will move.

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Unknown hat gesagt…

Der Regen Macher von Higgi aus Australien ist Marc Webber (Formel 1) und ich der Regenmacher von Lanzarote früher Goslar. Habe beide gemacht...Darf mich für euch schon wieder nicht Duschen. Ab Montag wirds schon gehen.Gruß Ralf