29 Mai 2010

German Open: Natalia 1., Im 2nd overall!

Today the last day of the German Open was cancelled - cloud base is still just a few hundred meters above the ground, the mountains are invisible. The awards are at 11 am, and this means that Natalia Petrova (RUS) won the competition overall, and Im in 2nd and Primoz Gricar (SLO) in 3rd. Also, I am the best German pilot, so I am the German Champion. It has never happened before that a woman won the German Nationals overall, so I wonder what they will do. There is a woman´s class, and an overall class, but I guess they will call the second best German pilot, Konrad Schwab, German Champion, while I will just stay German Championette?
German Champion in Rigid Class is national team member Peter Friedemann, with Ulf Neumann in 2nd and Tim Grabowski in 3rd place, while Toni Raumauf (AUT) was in 3rd of the German Open international scoring.
I never thought this could be ever possible. I had a lot of luck during our short flyable time to have made the right decisions about early take off and early leaving the mountain. Later the weather always deteriorated. Yet there are many local heroes with good knowledge of this area, and also some of our national team pilots. I hope my sponsors are as pleased as me with this surprising result. I guess I was just too happy about every minute of flyable weather after the two weeks of no flying at Tegelberg ;) And after some bad luck in the beginning of the season, now the good luck came back to me at the right time.

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Anonym hat gesagt…

Hallo Corinna. Don't worry, be happy. Je Minute und Stunde in der Luft über den Bergen ist wunderbar. Deine Leistungen machen dich zudem zum aktuellen Champion. Ich denke du hast das natüliche Sieger-Gen. Red Bull und adidas wissen das bestimmt. Viele Grüße ! (Bis alsbald Greifenburg oder Frankfurt.) Axel.

Hadewych hat gesagt…

You are the German champion of course! Congratulations!