23 Mai 2010

Last day: 1 task

How much Murphy can one take? When we woke up on the last day of the competition, the sky was blue. Unfortunately we could not ask for Sunday as well, so we knew we would not get a valid comp in class 1 and 5 - we flew a task anyway, just as a fun competition, and to finish the comp at least with one flight! Natalia won ahead of me and Kathleen Rigg, in rigid class Japanese pilot Itagaki Naoki won ahead of Tim and Norbert.
At least we could officially honour the new and old swift world champion, Manfred Ruhmer, very closely (by 18 points) followed by Steve Cox after two rounds. On 3rd place local hero Bob Baier.
It was a fun evening and we had a lucky draw for the many beautiful prizes of our sponsors. Very early this morning I drove to Greifenburg as I expect a very good xc day here tomorrow and I want to fly as much as possible before the next period of bad weather hits us. Natalia and Yulia want to fly over to Hochries from Tegelberg today, as the German Open starts on Tuesday. Well and the weather again is very doubtful from Wednesday onwards :( I guess at least Ager and Monte Cucco will offer real comp weather...

On the photo, you see Andi Becker from the German rigid wing team in an interview with Bavarian TV. The presenter is a pg pilot which makes the talk really pleasant and easy for us. On 4 consecutive days we had hanggliding interviews on television, first Mike Harker, then me, Andi and on the last day Alex Ploner.

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