12 Mai 2010

Day 3: rain rain rain - cancelled

At the team meeting last night, Andi, Tim and Norbert told us about their flight yesterday - they all agreed that take off was marginal and they had to wait a long time for 0 wind, most of the time it was about 20 km/h over the back. Once in the air, it was tricky, but flyable.
In the evening, we had some spectacular cb´s around, and now the sky is grey and it hasn´t stopped raining for a while. I contacted Stefan Hoermann who is providing us with detailed weather predictions at Gleitsegelwetter - he sees a small chance of a very brief window for tomorrow and Friday, but in general there is a LOT of rain on the map.
Some pilots are going to the Timezone Outlet in Rosenheim today, as shopping seems to be helping a lot of girls getting over weather depressions. Other are heading for the thermal baths - our meet director Heather warned everybody that people in Germany have mixed saunas and are naked in there ;)
Tonight we will have a DJ and it will be a party night with a prize giving for the winners of yesterday´s swift task.
I will just enjoy the first day of absolute free time in I don´t know how many weeks, answer emails, cook something tasty and healthy - and just relax!

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