16 Mai 2010

Day 7: Do we need to offer a sacrifice...?

There is a lot of snow on take off now, and it keeps coming further down. I got out my snowboarding pants to stay warm. Who is the culprit? Andi says it is my fault because I didn´t finish my pizza on the day before the comp started... I promise I have finished every single plate that I started this week, and still no sun in sight. But people are thinking about going skiing now, there is still drizzle outside and cloud base nearly touches the ground.
A small window of improvement might open up tomorrow, if the wind doesn´t get too strong too soon. We still remember the warm and sunny days with lots of flowers in the landing field...
At least Benno organized plenty of non-flying activities. Yesterday there was a walk from headquarter to Neuschwanstein castle and a visit of the castle afterwards, and an Italian night with a band. Even Heather jumped up the stage and sang last night, she is a great performer!
The Japanese team is on the way to find a place where it is possible to fly - I wonder how far they have to drive. On the southern side of the alps it looks sunnier, but that is due to quite strong Föhn which comes along with turbulence. But maybe they are lucky, who knows?

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