20 April 2009

Red Bull Paper Plane Contest

Last Saturday I was asked to be member of the Jury for the Red Bull Paper Plane Contest that took place in Schleissheim in the German Museum. Heaps of fun, so of course I went there and was surprised to see simple paper planes built from a simple sheet of A4 paper flying more than 30 m and doing all kinds of beautiful aerobatics.
I was asked to judge the technical design of the paper planes, while Phillip (he won the German contest two years ago) judged the flight and Loomit creativity of the performance. Loomit had to be strong not to be influenced too much by his daughter who complained when she thought he didnt give enough points ;) He is a mural artist who started the whole spraying hype in many countries. When he talked about his work, I was extremely surprised that I already saw his art in many places without realizing it was his, not only jogging through some tunnels along the Isar in Munich, but also driving through Sao Paulo and Rio. My friend Jamie takes photos of Graffitis on her travels for her brother - and Jamie, here I have a person who can probably date most of your Graffitis and give you background information about the artists ;)
The other judge, Phillip, is about to finish his studies of dental medicine in Heidelberg. Sure enough, he likes travelling a lot too and thinks about moving to Brazil for a while to start working. As usual on Red Bull events, you meet so many interesting people and you see so much creative, amazing stuff that it is difficult who to turn to first!
At the moment, Im preparing my gear to drive to Wasserkuppe and teach other girls hanggliding. So far we will be around 6, maybe even more, and it will be a lot of fun because the weather forecast looks like four full days of perfect training hill conditions with a lot of sun!
Should you be interested to join in from 23rd to 26th of April, you find informations here: wasserkuppe.com
We will meet at the school on top of Wasserkuppe at 9.00 am, feel free to join us!

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Jamie Shelden hat gesagt…

Wow!!! That is sooooo cool. I would love to speak with your graffiti friend!!