27 April 2009

Last day of the hanggliding experiment

Today we had a last day on the south slope training hill of Wasserkuppe. The girls did more running to train take off and speed control of the glider before they had another couple of flights from a little higher. The wind had picked up since yesterday, so they got into the air quite easily and flew very far, it was nice to watch a good finish.
We had to stop at around midday, because the thermal activity changed the laminar wind into strong, unpredictable gusts. I flew to test conditions and to show the others what the air does - I nearly landed, then I was picked up to about 20 m again, flew all the way down the slope and eventuelly landed. Quite obvious that those conditions are way too strong for beginners. But I was superhappy that half of the course ran down to help me carry the training glider back up. We talked a bit more, had a relaxed lunch (and I answered all of Nadjas questions for the Red Bulletin) before they started leaving, still a big smile in their face and a sparkle in their eyes. We had a great time and I think Günter the instructor and I managed to show them the magic of hanggliding. I hope they will keep flying, and I will keep you posted about more classes, as this one seemed to have been a good concept.
It was great that my parents came from Bremen to have a look at the place where we always had a fun time together, and of course this time again!
Thanks to Rebi for todays photo - i nicked it from her blog as Im too tired to find my camera and download the photos. More pics as soon as Daniel the Red Bull photographer mails me some.

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Matjaz Klemencic hat gesagt…

Nice work that you did past days. Watch out because teaching makes you addicted to it :)

Regards from Slovenia