26 April 2009

German and Austrian Nationalteam 2012 ;)

The wind turned to the south and eased off, so the girls learnt running for take off and steering in the air today on the big south slope of Wasserkuppe. In the end of the day, they had really long flights - yes, they can fly now! The virus has started...
After the mid day break, I also set up my glider and showed them some differences to the beginners gliders and explained why. I let them pick up my glider, which is exactly the one I won the Euros and Worlds with last year, and I told them it is mainly technique to handle it - Im not stronger or taller than them, and they can learn to fly such a big glider as well! I also told them that it took me 3 years to become German Champion for the first time, everything is possible ;)
Some big flights with good reactions later, the slope was suddenly swamped by paraglider pilots. About 100 guys were groundhandling and skimming along, with me trying to chase them out of our hanggliding line... the photographers had a hard time to get their lens around the paragliding sails. But the girls all stayed cool and flew around the obstacles.
I hope today we will finish with some more flights from the top of the south slope, which already gives them a height difference of more than 100 m from top to bottom, enough air time to relax and enjoy!

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