30 April 2009

Buenos Aires, Timezone UTC -3

Flavio Galliussi from FlyRanch Buenos Aires came to our crew hotel at noon yesterday and picked my colleague Ines and me up to drive an hour south to the beautiful FlyRanch. The weather was perfect for a relaxed afternoon flight. I was able to borrow a (tiny) Moyes harness and a little glider from a girl, and after a very smooth tow with the dragonfly, I enjoyed soaring the skies above the Argentinian pampas for about half an hour, with a great view of the Rio de la Plata to our east.
After I landed, Ines went up for her first hangglider flight with the instructor Flavio explaining everything to her. She landed with a beaming smile! As she is a photography artist, she went up in the dragonfly again to take some photos of the area around FlyRanch. Later on, we did some groundhandling with the light glider that I had flown, I taught her how to hold the glider, how to run and control speed, while Flavio had another tandem flight with a student.
Then we all sat together and enjoyed the clear air and the beautiful birds while handing around the mate, a wonderful Argentinian custom.
Coming back to the city, Flavio took us to a great pizza place called "Filo". It took me one minute to find the right pizza (the only one without meat ;)), but then I suffered... I was the hungriest one of the three of us, but for some reason, they forgot my pizza (guess I was too fast with my order) and I had to wait for it for one hour, slowly sliding under the table. Sure Flavio and Ines offered me a piece of their pizza, but I really don´t like pancetta. Anyway, we had a lot to talk about and I could improve my Spanish a little bit, eagerly listening to Flavio´s lovely porteno accent.
Today the wind is really strong at low level, so we picked the best possible day for our flying adventure. Tomorrow on May 1st everything is closed for labour day, so I better do my shopping today - mate tea, alfajores con dulce de leche and maybe a nice Malbec?

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Rebi hat gesagt…

Wow, das hört sich ja super an! Schade, dass ich nicht mitgekommen bin.Naja irgendwann muss man auch mal wieder in die Uni!

Bis Montag! Schöne Zeit noch!