15 April 2009

Invitation to learn Hanggliding!

From the 23-26th of April I will teach a hanggliding course at the place where I learnt hanggliding myself, on the beautiful soft slopes of the Wasserkuppe close to Fulda.
This course is specially for women who always dreamt of flying and who want to try to get airborne with a hangglider. If you flew a paraglider so far, you are very welcome to have a look at "the other side", but also if you have never been in the air so far, please come around and take off with us!
I would like to see women from all over Europe, so far we have interest from Germany, Austria and Italy. You will find information about the place of Flugschule Wasserkuppe here.
My main aspects are safety and fun! Just bring all weather clothing and mountain or running shoes with a good grip, the school will provide you with all the other equipment. See you at Wasserkuppe!

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Katha hat gesagt…

Hey Corinna! Finde ich klasse, dass Du was für den Mädels-Nachwuchs bei den Drachenfliegern tust. Ich wünsche Euch super Wetter und lauter happy landings. Liebe Grüße, Katha