10 April 2009

2nd task Bassano: 122km

Today cloudbase was 200m higher in the beginning, rising up to a luxurious 1900m later in the day. Visibility (outside the clouds) was much better than yesterday. Task was 122km around Monte Tomba, Cervare, Possagno, paragliding take off, Piscina Conca Verde and goal. Christian Ciech won ahead of Manfred Ruhmer and Alex Ploner. I was very happy to get to goal today, because two times we had to cross an area without proper landing fields. I watched Jörg low and didnt envy him, he luckily got out and also made goal.
Andy Becker was first rigid wing pilot today, and Aljaz Valic from Slovenia won the paragliding race around 5 turnpoints and 96 km.
It was a race start again for the 100 pilots, but before the gate opened, I saw a yellow paraglider in the trees at about 900m above the valley, not moving, so I radioed to the organization. They sent a helicopter to rescue the guy (I heard his head was injured, he was taken to hospital, but he will be fine), but the task was not cancelled, so when we came back from the first turnpoint, we all flew around, above and below the helicopter rescue team hovering above the pilot... luckily nobody else was injured!
The weather looks good for the next days, so we might get 5 comp days this year.
Andre Djamarani was probably best German pilot in goal, and on the photo you see Jörg Bajewski preparing his glider with another big Timezone sticker.

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