09 April 2009

Bassano Meeting Monte Grappa: Hasta la vista, baby - Manfred is back

After a few work trips with Lufthansa and a lot of training Im finally in Bassano where the Easter competition started today. Loads of good pilots are here, current European Champion Elio Cataldi, Moyes designer Gerolf Heinrichs and nearly the full Austrian, Italian, German, Norwegian, French national teams. Also Carol from Switzerland is here and my team mates Ute, Monique and Christa.
Spring „Primavera“ is here, the set up area at Campeggia is packed with beautiful flowers of all colours. Hopefully thermals are primavera as well.
Today they set a 108 km task out to Possagno, over to Cervara, back to Possagno and to goal. Visibility was next to nothing and cloud base at 1050 m. Flying towards the second turnpoint, I decided to turn around and fly directly to goal as I know that there are no safe landing fields for quite a while if you only have 1000m. Of course, a bunch made goal anyway with Manfred Ruhmer winning and Gerolf and Christian Ciech coming in just behind. Best in rigid class was Toni Raumauff and I think the paragliding task was won by Luca Donini from Italy.
I hope tomorrow cloud base will be a bit higher and make flying a little safer. Looks like we will fly at least until Saturday, Sunday and Monday might be a bit iffy.
Tonight the pilots are invited to a dinner buffet at Antica Abbazia, there will be another dinner on Saturday.

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