08 August 2015

Task 4 GO: 83km, nobody made goal

The hottest day of the comp affected quite a few pilots that did not feel like flying anymore, which dragged the process of task making and starting along a bit. I got off quite late and it was difficult to find good lift, as warm air from the south seemed to kill most of the good thermals. After 1,5 hours of searching, I finally managed to get up to 1800m and decided to leave, even though it was blue ahead of me.
I tried to go over villages, edges of forests and fields, ploughing tractors, powerlines - nothing worked, and also the wind turned against me, so I landed after only about 16km into the task. Christian got 9 km further, and when we picked him up, we stopped in Wittenberg to show him the old city where Martin Luther used to live and preach.
Christian is now 450 points in the lead, he almost doesn´t have to fly another task to win this comp, proving again that he is a very valid world champion ;)

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