08 August 2015

German Open last day: cancelled due to strong northerly wind

The weather forecasts for today were as difficult and contradicting as the ones we had yesterday. Strong northerly winds, a shear at 1000m, low base and blue with a storm front somewhere to our northwest moving slowly closer. My idea was to go straight to Cottbus goal to the southeast, almost at the border to Poland, but they set an out and return instead.
Wind speed picked up, and unlike Forbes, we can´t tow into any direction with a field of 80 pilots. The northerly rolls in over a forest and creates quite rough air close to the ground, so people got quite nervous about towing today. Most pilots voted for not flying, so at 13.30 Olli canceled the day. Now at 15.40 we can see the squall line approaching and it would not have been nice to fly back from the turnpoint into some doubtful clouds.
Christian Ciech is winner of the German Open after four tasks, Miroslav Cap in 2nd place and Hans Kiefinger 3rd.
I finished 14th overall and 1st woman, with Caroline Greiser in 20th place not far behind me.
Tim won rigid class ahead of Ralf Miederhoff and Jochen Zeyher. The awards will be tonight at the party!
Thanks to our Dutch, Czech and Norwegian friends for flying with us in the German flatlands! It was a fun and safe competition.

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