31 August 2015

Rio de Janeiro

After having taken my Aussie tourist to Wieskirche to see the most famous church of Bavaria, I had to drop him off into the best care possible because I had to go back to work. Felix (A.I.R boss) took Craig up to testfly an Atos glider for the first time, and that way he got to fly around world famous Neuschwanstein Castle, while I was jumping into uniform and racing back to Munich.
My recommendation was to go on to fly in the suer scenic rocks of the Dolomites, and I was happy that Olli Barthelmes, Tony Lowry, Billy and Luke had the same idea. Of course the highlight is to meet THE best tour guide of Alta Badia valley, multiple world Champion Alex Ploner - I reached Alex just when he got back from the pre-Euros in Macedonia, and he helped to pick the best spots for flying. Looking at all the photos in his facebook posts, it seems like Craig enjoys his little flying tour through Europe :)
In the meantime, I arrived in Rio and met the few guys who didn´t go to the comp in Andradas. No thermals and no wind at Sao Conrado, but always nice to watch some monkeys in the trees on take off (and I don´t mean the paragliders here ;)). Down at the beach, I love to overdose on coconut water and açai at Carlinhos´ cabana, studying Mosquito´s heavy-passenger-tailwind-landing-technique, very impressive!
This morning I did what you do when you stay at Copacabana paradise - adore the sunrise, put the running shoes on and go jogging up and down the nicest race track in the world, with lots of other very fit and beautiful Cariocas!
Unfortunately this internet connection doesn´t let me upload my photos right now, I will try later!

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