04 August 2015

GO day 2: cancelled due to strong pre-frontal wind

When Lukas Bader presented today´s forecast, he mentioned an increasing southerly wind plus a cold front moving in towards us, reaching our only possible goal northwest of Berlin this afternoon. In a windspeed of 45 km/h at top of lift and with gusts predicted to be up to 60km/h later this afternoon, some of the local pilots said that in a southerly, we get the rotor over the hangars and towing can be challenging.
The discussion was between going out, setting up and trying, trying just with one group, or cancelling. My safety advice was to cancel at briefing, as the probability of trouble while we are already starting the comp. With the prospect of 4 more really good days to come, I also heard quite a few concerned pilots who don´t want to take risks.
So today was cancelled at briefing, and the winners of yesterday´s task got a nice little award, a very useful map of the alps with most take offs and landings in it, also a healthy muesli bar sponsored by Innosnack, an Ispo award winner.
Carolin got to goal yesterday after a long time in the air, so she got a big applause for persistence, and also some Innosnack-bars!
Most pilots packed their gliders or put them into the shelters, as the weather will get gnarly tonight, thunderstorms and all :)

We are looking forward to a really good flight tomorrow!

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