07 August 2015

GO day 4: 85km out and return

Another hot day in German flatland paradise! The forecast was for blue sky, late start and weak lift, so the out-and-return task was comparably small with 85km.
After towing, we waited around for about an hour not getting higher than 1000m, but the wind was significantly stronger than in the prediction, up to 28km/h on my indicator even at those smaller heights. It would be a tough day!
In time for the opening of the window, we saw the first cloud and the inversion breaking, which was a relief. I was heading out with a bunch of pilots, but getting low was easy on this day. After I made the turnpoint, some rigid wing guys caught up to me and showed me how to punch against the headwind to goal! So hard to see the airfield in reach, but knowing that it will be a tough final glide over forest and wind mills!
I was happy to finally make it there, quite a lot of guys were already there! Christian was 3rd of the day and defended his overall lead, Roland probably won the day ahead of Hans (I haven´t seen results yet).
Looks like we will get another two good tasks! Pilots really like this "North-east Forbes" country, it´s beautiful for flying and not quite as hot as the famous Australian outback. More wind mills, less kangaroos!

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