05 August 2015

GO day 3: 108km around 3 tp

After the front went through yesterday, clouds were rising really fast and base went up to 1500-1800m, with nice cumulus forming. Tim had a camera for TV on his glider today, and still won the day :) the ZDF-guys were happy that he got back so fast after their 165km task.
In flex class, we only had to fly 108km, but I was off first in the launch order today, so I spent 1,5 hours in the air before I could finally start into the task.
Half of our way the thermals were beautifully marked with clouds, the other half it got blue. I had the ablosulte honour today to be on a radio with world champion Christian Ciech. He called out thermals and gave positions, but he is going so fast that I just saw his back lights and was really sad that I could not help him a single time during our flight. I was a bit embarrassed that it was easier for me to understand his clear Italian voice and very precise calls than some of the national dialects of my own team mates ;)
Before the 2nd turnpoint close to Wittenberg I got really low and thought I have to land soon, but Jörg joined in and got even lower - he was the master of low saves today! I was superhappy that he found a great dust devil thermal and we finally climbed out again! We flew the whole second half of the flight together, which was really fun! So cool that you get to race in this sport with your friends, that superb pilots don´t hesitate a moment to help others with information, that we all just have a good time! Thanks for another great task setting, it worked pretty well - Olli is doing a great job. Also big thanks to all the volunteers who don´t get tired to run around and help us get into the air - huge effort, you guys are just amazing. There were only two re-flights today, which shows that the tug pilots here really know what they have to do to keep us up and happy! Tomorrow will be a blue day, so probably a bit more difficult even to get back.
No results up yet, but I heard that Christian got 3rd today after two of our Czech pilots, those heroes must have had a superfast day! Roland landed just after Christian, also Øyvind, Gijs, Bernd, Kajo and Hans were already there when Jörg, Yeti and I landed at goal. Also Caroline made it to goal, she flies really strong - I am superhappy to have a new, talented team mate for the next women´s worlds!

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