09 Januar 2009

Sydney sunrise

Heavily jetlagged I finally arrived in Sydney and was warmly welcomed by the Moyes family. At the moment, I wake up between 3 and 4 am, that is even earlier than all the lorikeets, parakeets, cockatoos and delete-birds start their wild morning chattering.
One more precious day in this beautiful city before I head out to Albury where Carol will pick me up tomorrow and take me to Bright. Im privileged to have a couple of weeks here in Australia, yet I wish I could go to NZ as well to see how my friends and their kids are over there.
At the Bogong Im going to fly a Litespeed 3,5 s full carbon, and I heard from several pilots that Michi Friesenbichler is doing extremely well on it at Forbes. Can´t wait to get into the air again, to smell the Eukalipt scented thermals, to land in a flock of kangaroos... to be harrassed by magpies and wedge-tailed eagles... to be scared by huntsmen spiders and red-bellied black snakes... and most of all, to get back together with a lot of really good friends from all over the world!

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