12 Januar 2009

From Albury to Wandiligong

I flew with Rex Airlines from Sydney to Albury and worried quite a bit - after having paid 30 $ for excess luggage (for 9 kilos), they asked me to choose one of my luggage pieces that I want to go. ?!? They said the other one might be unloaded if the plane gets too full... and please sign here that you pick it up later at your own costs. But don´t worry, usually everything gets on.
With my bad United Airlines luggage experience of a 5 day delay, I disappeared to the bathroom with my suitcase, put on all the gear I need for flying for a few days, running shoes, shirts, jackets, a few trousers, and then told her I definitely want my harness to have priority ;) Luckily both my bags arrived in the end, and I was happily waiting for Oli who came to pick up his niece Lotte and me at Albury.
We spent a beautiful evening in romantic Wandiligong, Carol had prepared a delicious thai curry with tofu and broccoli. It was good to see Luca rushing around the house being very active!
The next day, Lotte and I helped Carol to set up headquarter for the Bogong Cup in Mt Beauty, prepare the bags full of sponsored goodies for the pilots, pick up Oli who flew over and go swimming in the cold river. I enjoy the time here with my friends a lot!
Today we are all going to move over to Mt Beauty, register for the comp, get all the gear ready for the start tomorrow. My glider, an all carbon Moyes Litespeed 3,5s arrived last night with Michi Friesenbichler, and I can´t wait to get into the air again with that beauty! I will have to wait a bit though, it looks like today the northerlies might get really strong. That also means very hot days, tomorrow up to 40 degrees! Lucky that the Alpenhorn Motel has a wonderful pool for chilling...

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Anonym hat gesagt…

Dear Corinne - you´ve got fanmail :-)

I have seen a couple of interviews with you on airports.tv, and got fascinated with your incredible positive view on flying and competitions - it seems that you really mean that the competition is more important than actually winning, which I truly respect. So I check in on your blog once in a while to see how you are doing in the contests. So a great big good luck on your flying in this comp!

Best Regards
The gliderpilot...