23 Januar 2009

Mt Beauty-Sydney-Abu Dhabi-Munich...

Today Ky took me from Mt Beauty to Sydney and dropped me off at the airport. I was lucky and got on a flight to Abu Dhabi, where I am right now. Lots of women in long black Abbayas and veils...
Soon my connecting flight to Munich will start boarding, the numbers are looking good, I couldnt be happier! At home, Lufthansa cabin staff was on strike today, and I really hope they will be successful.
My next work trip takes me to Mexico on Tuesday, and I just ordered a spare Brauniger Compeo for our paragliding national team, because Stefan Mast just told me online that they have already destroyed one.
Time to go and find the next ticket, time to get home to the cold. I heard there is a very big low pressure system rushing across Germany, strong wind, rain and snow and all... lucky I brought my warm coat ;)

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