21 Januar 2009

by 18 points....

The results today changed the top ten quite a lot - I came 4th of the day- my best Bogong cup result ever, and Blay the Forbes wonder-chico won the day, followed by Ben Dunn and Pedro! Curt Warren is on 1st now, beating Jonny by 18 points.
In the overall list, there are still 3 Germans in the top 10, with me in 5th, Lukas in 6th and Oli in 9th. Mind you, with the Austrians and Norwegians missing today, a lot of really strong pilots have already left the scene.
Jonny and I cooked dinner for our teams tonight, Mexican and Indian, also Anousha, Conrad, Oli and Lotte came around, we had a great evening on the Alpenhorn balcony with mountain view. Forecast for tomorrow looks dreadful, but then today was also way better than forecasted, let´s see tomorrow morning.

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