19 Januar 2009

Bogong Cup Day 6: Being on the safe side

6The forecast was for strong northwesterly winds, still we had a slight chance of a comp task and went to Bright. Up on Mystic take off, conditions were gusty and the wind was crossing in from the left. At 13.15, we decided to go down and meet again at 14.15 at the landing field to see if conditions have improved, but they didnt and the day was cancelled. I was glad about that, because I have flown in bad conditions at Mystic before and don´t want to do it again. It gets rough and turbulent in the air, and the space of possible lift is very limited, with a strong drift to push you into rotory lee. Then if you bomb out, you have to land in a rotory paddock with very switchy wind directions. If you make it up, you have to face even more narrow pine valleys in a 30km/h headwind... not something you really need.
Most people went to the Porepunkah swimming hole, the Austrians went fishing again after Robert had caught a huge trout the other day.
After coming back to Mt Beauty, I invited my team and cooked a Thai curry - the Alpenhorn Motel Balconies have a great view at Emu take off, so we enjoyed good food at sunset, also Jonny and Lotte, Oli´s niece, joined in. After all, a good day.
Today it looks like even stronger winds like yesterday, at Hotham (in the higher mountains a few kms to our south) speed is up to 70 km/h in gusts, and it is supposed to get above 40 degrees today. Probably another day for the Austrians to improve their fishing skills ;)

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