28 Oktober 2013

Tallinn, Estonia, Timezone GMT +2

Today I went for a walk through the old town of Tallinn, the former Reval, in Estonia. We are about 80km south of Helsinki, just on the other side of the Baltic Sea. Like Bremen, Tallinn used to be a city of the Hanse, trading goods by sea.
Lots of different types of churches co-exist next to each other in the old centre of the city. Most roads are still covered with natural stones, and horses and carriages would fit in much better than cars.
The place seems to live from tourists these days, and prices in restaurants and souvenir shops are about the same as in Munich, if not higher.
People are serious and kind of reserved, but almost everybody speaks English and is helpful when asked. As usual, I had been mistaken for a local and I think I had been asked (in Estonian) for the way today - people look and sound Scandinavian, tall people with light blond hair, so I guess I fit in.

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