08 Oktober 2013

Being spoilt

When I went down the coast by train to meet Kathryn in Thirroul today, the whitecaps on the sea showed quite a strong wind, dark clouds promised some rain. Kathryn invited me over to her place for a delicious home cooked lunch instead of hang waiting on the hill.
Before going back to Sydney, we had a look at take off - and it was perfectly on! We set up Kathryn´s new little Malibu and she put me into her harness and helmet and got me up into the smooth afternoon air at Stanwell. Might have been the last summer flight for me for a while, because autumn and winter are around the corner at home already. You have the biggest heart of all, Kathryn, I miss you already!
I was still wearing that big happy "I was in the air!"- smile in my face when Kathryn dropped me off at Vicki´s place - dinner with the family. Tasty Mexican food!
You guys make it really hard for me to leave Oz, and I wish you were all just living around the corner and I could invite you around for dinner at my place tomorrow eve! I had great support on this whole trip from so many friends, I can´t thank you enough. "You are travelling on your own?" many people are quite astonished about that fact, but I never feel lonely.
Because of all the big comps next year, it is highly unlikely that I will have the time for Canungra again, but be sure that I won´t give up hope and try all tricks I know to squeeze out some days to escape to the "center of the universe", to fly with Jonny and Davo, with Glen and Billy, to party with Linda and Nadine, to enjoy the most picturesque sunsets with Sue in her garden on Tambo. And hey, Gordo - maybe it is time for a trip to Europe soon?

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