12 Oktober 2013

Back in the cold

It wasn´t easy to leave Sydney. A perfectly blue day of pleasant spring weather, a big dinner at Bill´s place with Molly and Grace teaching me how to prepare Wonton - a HUGE lot of them, we folded about 400 of them for one "family dinner"... that means roughly 20 adults and at least 10 kids running around the kitchen and living room of the house in Bronte which is probably the most well known "home away from home" to pilots from all over the world!

Only 28 hours later, I was back in the grey, cold reality of German winter. It was pouring with rain and suddenly even huge snow flakes showed up, creating quite a chaos in southern Bavaria. The earliest snow ever in German weather history :( luckily it melted away, and my brave little bottle brush bush on the balcony kept it´s precious flower just to remind me of the good times I had in Australia!

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