22 Oktober 2013

Hang Gliding Course at Wasserkuppe!

On Sunday I started a hang gliding beginners course together with instructor Klaus Renz. I was happy to see two girls in the group of 9 people as well - I know the difficulties of small pilots and can help immediately with techniques and tricks to improve the ground handling a lot for us girls.
The wind was nice and strong, so the training I had with Nils at Boneyard was just the perfect preparation for the conditions here on the training hills of Wasserkuppe. The guys are progressing fast, and it was very gratifying to see the relieved smile of Alex, one of the girls, last night. She said her arms don´t hurt and she feels that she can control the glider now and run with it fine.
In the morning, the wind was way too gusty and it was raining a little, so I set up my own glider inside, teaching them the names of the glider parts, the type of loads on these parts, some aerodynamics - and of course everybody could pick my RX3 up or pretend to fly in it ;) we should have had a green screen behind it...
My leg muscles are sore from all the running on the training hill, but Im glad that autumn offers us such great weather.
The paragliding beginners were not as lucky as us, they didn´t fly so far, but theyleft very early this morning to go to a training hill which is much lower than Wasserkuppe (920m) and has hopefully less wind. If not, they should all just come over and try hang gliding!

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