07 Oktober 2013

Dune gooning at Boneyards

Back in Sydney, I had a great lesson in dune gooning today. Dick Heffer picked me up and took me to their "Boneyards" site - kind of strange when you go across a large cemetery first to get to a take off ;) then you fly with the gravestones behind your back. I like the irony in it.

The master of the dunes himself, Shannon Black, was there and played with his new toy, the Malibu 2. Impressive to see his flying - he makes it look just supersmooth and easy. When I tried, I felt completely out of control at first, but Nils gave me a really good lesson on how to cope with strong gusty cross wind on the slope. And without a place to land on the beach, because it was high tide.
It was a good physical work out for me jumping around like a kangaroo in a hang glider, but only when I saw the photos that Lynette took of us I realized that Nils must have worked just as hard as me to keep his gear with me in it in a safe place... certainly very different to the cross country flying in Canungra, but just as much fun!
Tomorrow Stanwell might be on, would be soooo cool to get as some airtime there before I have to go back to winter in Europe ;) might even be possible to watch some whales from above...

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