06 September 2013

Shanghai surprise

It´s always interesting to see the fast development of Shanghai. I guess it´s the worlds fastest growing city with amazing architecture. Only a few old temples and tea houses in the tourist areas are left in the original Chinese style, and even most of the Expo buildings have already been ploughed away.
I like the "bottle opener" building with the big hole for the dragon to fly through. I wish I could fly through it with my dragon! I was lucky to experience the clearest air Ive ever seen on any of my trips to China. Beautiful to see the Pearl Tower´s changing colours at sunset!
Back at the hotel room, a lot of loud music made me curious, so I went to the park opposite the hotel. Have you ever experienced Chinese Karaoke? Some guys had carts with huge sound blasting machines of almost "Trio electrico" size, and women and men were singing the lines shown on small screens.
On the other side of the park, there was a public outdoor ballroom dancing going on. I recognized a Waltz and some other steps, but because it was all danced to Chinese music, it was really confusing. Kind of like a mix of Brasilian Samba with Gangnam Style ;) Some couples had loud discussions about the correct steps, others swept over the ground perfectly - just their faces never changed a single bit, it all looked like very serious business. At about 11pm the party was finally over, but everybody met again at the next evening. No matter whether week-end or week day!
Of all the cities Ive seen in China, Shanghai is definitely my favourite.

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