30 September 2013

Canungra Classic Task 2: 72km around 2 TP

Northerly winds made us go to Flying Fox today. Not my favourite, because the bomb out is a bit dodgy. Only a few hundred meters below take off, still on the hillside, changing wind directions - and cows. Luckily, I didnt have to look closer at that place today. I got up right in front of take off, up to the clouds.
Going west was not as easy as it first looked like, as the wind higher up was a Northwest, and we were heading to Rathdowney, then to Lion´s Road, with goal past Mt Lindsay in Woodenbong.
About 18 pilots made goal, Glen McFarlane probably won the day. I flew about half the distance and we ended up with 5 pilots in my field, just between both turnpoints. As Im still working on getting rid of the bad cold I had caught on my long trip to Australia. I was happy when Luke offered help with acupuncture and put some needles into me. Corinna with whiskers must have looked quite funny ;) Hopefully it works and I will be back to my normal coordination abilities soon. No worries - I had great take offs and landings, just in the air I am slower than normal with my reactions.
On the photo my alltime favourite Canungra Classic pilot and friend for many years, Davo.
Oh and yes, there are too many big evil spiders around... at least the eagles here seem friendlier than the ones that got me in Forbes.

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