17 September 2013

No beef no lamp

Going to Bangkok is always an adventure, food wise and weather wise. It was pouring heavy huge rain drops down and within minutes the streets were flooded when I was on my way to the weekend market. At least it was not cold like here in Germany, a pleasant 27 C.
Luckily I had put on a short skirt and outdoor sandals - I was wading through the muddy water up to my knees, learning that the huge cockroaches can´t just fly, but also swim! They floated all around me, yuck. A few meters further, on the market, they were already fried or grilled and set up neatly in pyramids. Grasshoppers here, roaches there ;) not my piece of cake.
Walking down Silom Road, I felt like "I have a hang over"... famous Scirocco building from the movie just there.
Beautiful flowers everywhere, great very spicy curries, foot massages - I like this busy place!

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