26 September 2013

A Moyes coming home dinner

Bill, Molly, Jonny and Alaina, Jack, Rachel and I had just returned from all the different continents possible to Australia, so Vicki decided to take a day off from work and prepare a wonderful welcome menu for about 15 people. All vegetarian! And really tasty too. Here I am, having travelled half way around the globe, and I am warmly welcomed like their own family members. What a fun evening!
Sure enough Bill asked me to go swimming with him, so this morning I got to Bronte at 7am and had a swim in the crystal clear probably 18 degrees cold water of the Bronte rock pool. He is as fit as ever, it was a pleasure to see him and Molly.
The flight up to Brisbane with Qantas today was a pleasure, we had the best view of Sydney harbour bridge and opera house! And the guy sitting next to me told me he was into parachuting, but he also likes to have a look at hang gliding - after having shown him a few recent hang gliding videos on my computer, I guess I won at least one more visitor for the Canungra Classic starting this Saturday ;)
Blenkey and Ally are over for dinner at Michelle´s and Tony´s place which has the nicest tropical garden in the back yard, almost looks like mystical rain forest!

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