29 September 2013

Canungra Classic Task 1: 75km around 2 turnpoints

After the Tour de France in Annecy, I was relieved that they didnt close down Beechmont today for the Tour Down Under, we could just drive up as usual and "share" the mountain with loads of cyclists.
The weather looked good, but it was more difficult than I expected in the air. A strong SE sea breeze didn´t create a smooth convergence with the strong W and strong N out in the flats, but a strong wind shear turbulence zone. I felt safe in my glider after a lot of pitch testing in the air today. Im glad the RX3 has such an easy handling! It was about 30 km/h, more in gusts, when I landed. Unfortunately far away from goal or any of the turnpoints.
About 8 pilots made goal when I passed it with the retrieve drive. Jonny probably won the day, I also saw Enda, Adam and Jonas there. Don´t know if any other guys made it, from my team Tony G. got closest to goal landing only 10 km short.
I havent found a link to any results yet, I will post a photo of the list when I see it at HG tomorrow morning.
Looks like a good day tomorrow and then a couple of days that might be blown out.

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