03 August 2013

Last day German Open and results

Results for Class 1 here
for Class 5 here.

With a front approaching, the NW winds picked up significantly. Katharina towed this morning at 10am, and she didn´t get high above the ground... Not because of lack of expertise of herself or the tug pilot - with this wind direction, we are in the strong rotor of the forest north of us. The day was cancelled because of this turbulence, and since 1pm a cloud cover already shades the airfield, the gusty wind is slightly cooling down the 37 C... Even without the wind, today would have been a game of luck.
Congratulations to Christian Zehetmair for his first German Champion title, to Primoz Gricar (those two flew always together in this comp and helped each other), and to Hans Kiefinger in 3rd. I was the first "North German flatland pilot" in 4th place, and I am the German female Champion.
Also congratulations to Jochen Zeyher for 1st in rigid class, to Tim Grabowski for 2nd  and Dirk Ripkens for 3rd.
Big thanks as well to the tug pilots who got us into the air safely, and to all the numerous volunteers who did an amazing job preparing for this event. With 72 pilots in the comp, this was the biggest hang gliding event so far up here in Berlin.
The awards are tonight at 6pm, I will post the pictures.

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