11 August 2013

Miami, Timezone GMT -4

Yesterday I learnt that "dry air" in Florida just means "no rain", but not necessarily "low humidity"... I had one luxurious free day on a work trip to Miami, but we are staying almost in Fort Lauderdale, so I brought my inline skates and decided it is time for some training. It was a bit further from Hollywood (FL) to South Beach than I thought, about 30km I guess, but all the way was lined with a smooth and nice sidewalk! It was about 35C and humid, so in the evening I was exhausted.
Very nice villas along the waterways, and I really like the old Art Deco style buildings in South Beach. They should start with some renovations soon though...
I will skate a little bit to the north today, not much time before I have to work on the flight home.
Oh and I learnt something else - if you go to the pool before 8am, you can swim laps, as there are no kids yet ;)

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