20 August 2013

Live from the Brasilian Nationals, Brasilia Timezone GMT -3

After a change in my work schedule, I arrived in Sao Paulo early this morning and got on the first flight to Brasilia. My friend Claudinha picked me up at the airport and took me straight to take off, an hour drive and 70 km north of Brasilia. Konrad Heilmann had already brought a Litespeed 3,5s, thanks to Moyes and Nixon I only had to bring my harness to fly in this beautiful country!
The task took the guys and Patricia on a 108km task with lots of headwind legs. Except for Jonny, the whole leading gaggle decked it, doing the Yoyo at the last turnpoint! Nene, Andre, many other "Feras" (animals) didn´t get to goal today. About 7 were in, with Glauco Pinto and Eduardo winning the day - and a very happy Betinho, because both these guys are in the group that he is mentoring in this comp! He is doing really well, so are his pilots, with Glauco leading the comp at the moment.

The wind was really strong and even though Cris Lawry had testflown my glider yesterday, I wanted to make sure not to do any mistakes after having worked long hours last night, so I waited until the wind dropped down a little and flew directly to goal to wait for the leading guys to arrive. And to socialize with friends that I hadn´t seen for a really long time.
Congratulations to the guys who made goal today, it was really hard work. When I took off, the wind above launch went up to 35km/h and wasn´t exactly on course... I hope we can fly to Esplanada tomorrow and land in the centre of Brasilia. There were still some tents set up today after an event yesterday, so we unfortunately couldnt go there today. Everybody is keen though for tomorrow.
And yes, Red Bull and a great little flight drove jet lag away. It´s a great crowd here, lots of fun with good friends and great pilots! About 55 in the comp. Results of the comp here.

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