02 August 2013

German Open Task 2: 95km around 2 tp

The triangle was shortened by 1 tp to 95 km, and it was fun to be first at the 2nd turnpoint, meeting the leading gaggle of the rigids who didnt know that we had 1 tp less than them ;) they were surprised to see me there!
From the last turnpoint, I had a great flight to goal with Tim Grabowski, sometimes finding lift for him, sometimes he found a thermal for me - I was first flex wing in goal, but took a very early time, Im sure Primoz and Christian, the other class 1 gliders in goal, overtook me by two times at least. About 8 rigids made it and the 3 of us, that´s it. Difficult conditions, very strong southerly cross wind and long lines of sink.
Thanks to Harm for a nice tow with the Dragonfly again! The whole crew here is incredible - they are running after the carts, as there are no quad bikes here, and in the sun it got really hot today. Tomorrow this will be the hottest area of Germany, up to 37 C, with storms approaching us from the west in the afternoon. Tomorrow is the last day of the German Open, the awards will be held on Sunday morning.

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