21 August 2013

Brasilian Nationals Day 3: 110km um 4 Wendepunkte

The day looked just amazing today, with beautiful clouds in the sky above Brasilia. Unfortunately the wind was really strong again too, so the task was still difficult and only 6 pilots made goal.
Andre Wolf won the day, also Konrad Heilmann and Eduardo Fernandes, David Filho and Ari Fossa in goal. Jonny got in as 4th pilot, so overall he is leading the comp, as Glauco landed short today. Many pilots decked it on the difficult head wind leg almost in the end of the flight. The very last part was easy with a good tail wind, but not many got around the last turnpoint. Even the guys who made it to goal said they were almost on the ground.
I decided to just try to fulfil my dream of landing in Brasilia at Esplanada, the main aisle of the Brasilian capital city. I had a good run along some beautiful clouds, but it wasn´t easy to crab against that really strong cross wind. I was superhappy when I made it! So exciting to land into this bubbling city, loads of cars everywhere, high rise buildings, and famous Oscar Niemeyer Architecture! A real highlight and unthinkable anywhere else in the world! Just imagine you tried to land on the mall in front of the White House in Washington D.C.... ;) that´s what I love the Brazilians for - relaxados!

Unfortunately I have to leave and go back to work, flying to Germany tomorrow. I had a great time over here with amazing flights and meeting good friends.

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