05 September 2012


I was stunned when I saw that I got 4th place yesterday, as Nikola "jumped the gun" and had some penalty points (I tried that with Regina at Hessische already and it didnt work for us;)). But where would I be without the help of my team mates Gerd Dönhuber and Roland Wöhrle who helped me fix my jammed VG rope two nights ago? For hours we tried to figure out the problem, finishing the glider at 10pm! They are great!
Also a big thanks to Tobi - he carries my glider up to launch every single day, so I can save my energy for the flight. Regina is always there to help before launch, and then Uli is the best cross country retrieve driver (except for my father;). Thankfully there are no fences or gates here in Anatolia, so we can easily be picked up out of the middle of nowhere.
The organizers gave us candies and balloons to give to the kids in case we land and there is an upset group of little terrorists again - I hope it will work.