06 September 2012

Task 8: 135km around 4tp

A long task today, a long retrieve too. It gets dark here early, so we had quite a hike to find Stefan in the hills. I was 7 km short of goal and landed at the main road to goal, but even I waited for a while and it was sunset when they came to pick me up.
Primoz was first in goal today, Gerd was the fastest (and only) German, so I think we lost the 3rd place to team Spain who had two pilots in goal (Blay and Eko). Top score again for the Italians and the Slovenians with 5 pilots in goal! How do they do it?
I made a huge mistake by not going with Gerd to goal. I was very close, but when I left, I was on my own and missed the last thermal. I should have waited for the gaggle behind me to catch up and make it to goal with them - Alex, Mischu, Matjaz, Dan... why was I so silly to leave on my own?
Im tired after 5 hours of flying and 3,5 hours of driving back, pictures tomorrow, just one more detail - today I met really nice and friendly kids and a very friendly farmer. They all wanted to help and in the end carried my glider and harness up to the main road, they were all smiles and very polite. It was such a nice experience to see that there are really nice and friendly families around in the countryside too! I think I had even been invited to dinner or to wait in their house for my driver, but I had to turn the offer down as I already expected a long day of retrieves and wanted to hop into the car as fast as possible.
Tomorrow we will have the 9th task and we have one more chance to do well and maybe catch up. Keep your fingers crossed for our team!

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Wulf hat gesagt…

Of course also in the most northern part of Germany we keep our fingers crossed for the whole team!!! You `ll make it!
Happy landings!

Anonym hat gesagt…

Don't worry. You did what you had to do. When there's only one last thermal to goal, you need to take your chances and use all your advantage. I'll bet that you landed out because you where leading out but that's the price if you want to win. If you just waited along for the pack, maybe you'd made goal, but you're not flying tourist here - You are flying on a hard competition to beat the best european pilots, so go on and push harder when you got the chance.