01 September 2012

Lucky or unlucky, that is the question...

...as we have an ordered launch, and a push on every day, we have to go when it´s our 30sec to start, or queue up in the back of everybody. This means, no influence on a good or bad cycle, and 300m working height meant a lot of bombouts again today.
For our team, it was painful. Christian was sick probably from some food they had last night and couldn´t even fly. Roland and Gerd bombed out, packed, went up, set up, started - and bombed out again! I nearly ended in the bombout too, Primoz and I just scratched away on the side of it. On course, it was quite similar like the days before. Broken lift very far apart with big sink inbetween, not a lot of height, too much wind everywhere on course.
Many really good pilots landed early again, none of the Italian team got to goal today! At least Elio landed on my field just after the last turnpoint - I was already attacked by about 25 wild and crazy children, and the three grannys who also came over just wanted money from me?!? Even though I told the kids in Turkish not to touch my glider, of course it was a joke for them to touch it as often as possible, and when they started jumping over the wingtips and running underneath it, I was really worried they might break it. I was really happy when Uli and Tobi pulled up after more than one hour of pure terror! I will never land close to any houses again here, I rather land on a very remote field where I have to carry the glider out, but I can´t handle those aggressive kids who just keep yelling at me louder and louder. The flight in all those tight gaggles and difficult lift was already nervewrecking, but what happens after the flight is way beyond what I can bear with a smile...
Looks like I got furthest from our team today, with Andre and Stefan just behind me. I tried to call out the few good thermals that I found, and hoped they could get higher and further than me, but again the day worked in cycles and sometimes we just had the wrong timing.
Tomorrow might be a rest day, as the forecast for the wind is very high, but after that we will be flying until the end.
Tonight the organization prepared a big barbecue outside at headquarter. Not exactly a vegetarian fair;)

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Davis Straub hat gesagt…

It's lovely here in Boise, Idaho. No aggressive children. Great mountain biking today.