23 September 2012

Dolomites Movie

Today you can watch the movie "Hang Gliding is not a crime" on vimeo or youtube (if you are not in Germany). Enjoy! Fantastic footage with Guido Gehrmann and Alex Ploner, German with English subtitles. You get the best sound on the new retina display MacBookPro, if you use older MacBooks, it is better to use headphones or connect stereo speakers!
Also remarkable today, congratulations to Scottish pilot Robin Hamilton for becoming US national Champion in Santa Cruz after 7 tasks! He has been living in the states with his family for a long time now and decided to fly for the US - and won in his first year! I hope I will see him at the worlds in Forbes, he is one of those very fair "gentleman pilots" in the air, always smart, safe and helpful.
Also congrats to the 2nd in the comp, Jeff O´Brien - mate, how can you fly so well and at the same time take photos of such a high quality! Thanks a lot for all those amazing aerial shots of the comp!
And well done, Ben Dunn on 3rd place! Two pilots who have fled the Islands of Her Majesty to help the US team get stronger... will be a tough competition at the worlds with you.
In the Grand Prix, Sebastian Vettel won the race in Singapore today and went up to 2nd place overall behind Fernando Alonso, who is 29 points ahead with 7 more races to go. I hope Guido´s and my plans work out and we can meet in Interlagos for the final race and cheer for Seb!

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