01 Mai 2012

It was still quite a decent wind from the south, I measured up to 30 km/h in the west at Hoefer Alm, our first turnpoint. I know Davis does not like these conditions where you get quite a good work out in thermals (and outside)...
Even though the clouds built up and it started raining here and there, some pilots made it in. Base was high, around 2700m, you just had to get there. Climbs were sometimes really strong, sometimes very slow when you got low.
Wind direction in the valley changed around from west to south to east during the day.
I was getting low on my way to the 2nd turnpoint at Kleblach/Lind bridge, but with this small glider, it was a lot of fun to scratch the tree tops ;) eventually, I climbed out again, while two other guys didnt quite make it. I was too late though, it started raining again, and I landed a few km short of Greifenburg, without the last turnpoint.
The guys did a good job with task setting, keeping us in this valley so they could cancel in case the overdevelopment got too strong.
Tomorrow it looks like a similar day, maybe even more unstable.

By the way, congratulations to Scott Barrett for having won the Dalby meet in Australia, and to Kathryn for having won the women´s comp - and there were a lot of women competing up there!
Also felicitaciones to Pedro Garcia for having won the Flytec race and rally in flex class, Françoise Dieuzede as 1st women and Oli Gregory in rigid class! Sorry mentioning them so late, I was just superbusy and working hard to make enough time for flying in May, which is usually one of the best months over here for long cross countries.

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