03 Mai 2012

From hero to zero!

Looks like I completely misunderstood our organizer when he explained in the briefing that if we start before the race starts, we would just not get leading points and time points. I thought I can live with that and happily left 40 minutes early today, as I expected the day to shut down fast (which was right). WRONG - sure the "jump the gun -factor" is used as well... so I basically just got bombout points instead of having won the day today by being first in goal. Oh well, I flew all on my own, the whole course, good training, fun thermals, guess I can live with not winning the Hessenmeisterschaft this year ;) but for a moment, I was disappointed that all my good decisions and skills were not rewarded, but punished.
Hopefully we will have another taskable day tomorrow. I want to get at least one day right in this comp!

2 Kommentare:

Rebi hat gesagt…

Schade, hoffentlich geht heute noch was!

Hadewych hat gesagt…

that's the spirit! You're skills are still awesome, whether you earn points for them or not.