02 Mai 2012

Time for racing!

 Today was a difficult day for the task setters. With the prospects of clustering thunderstorms and the possibility of showers in the early afternoon, they set a short 62km task.
A lot of shade and not much lift in the known areas forced me to forget about plan A - leave early, fly fast, get to goal - and made me invent plan B - land fast, pack up fast, race up the mountain again and prove that I learnt something from watching Sebastian Vettel´s Grand Prix. It was impossible to stop my father from complaining - he wanted to get out of the car, even more when I turned on the music so I didnt have to hear his complaints ;) At least Regina was happy, she got a reflight too.
Not many others in the air, less wind and less and less rain, so it felt quite smooth. I went around all turnpoints on my own, even saw a rainbow in the air (hey, they are round!), and made goal. Only 5 people made goal today, but as they stopped the time at 15.30 because of the uncertain weather conditions, and I made goal at 16.29, of course not even half my distance counted for the scores. It was a fantastic flight though and Im getting more and more confident landing in nil wind or changing wind directions. Great training! Also good to see that it sometimes pays off to never give up and always try, always fly, even if it means to "just" fly ;)
Jörg Bajewski won the day which will push him a great deal up the list, while Suan and yesterday´s winner Achim did not make goal. I guess Markus Ebenfeld is in the lead now. And Tim Grabowski, after having won task 2 as well, is still leading the field of 12 rigid wing pilots. 
Similar conditions are predicted for tomorrow, I guess we might aim for a short 60km flight to goal at Villach to get out of the cb zone.

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