16 Mai 2012

German freezing Open at Tegelberg

This is what Tegelberg looks like tonight. Lots of rain and snow today, no task. For tomorrow the forecast is positive that we will fly, but it will definitely look like a week ago on Rauschberg when I sat up the Moyes RX3 in the snow. At least after landing it was nice and warm like summer last week and I met the legends of our XC cup, Peter Waldmann and Markus Ebenfeld. Peter is leading the DHV XC at the moment which is a remarkable achievement. Many years ago he had a severe accident, but he is able to walk and fly hang gliders again. He flies with huge wheels as he can´t land on his legs, but despite the wheels he flew huge FAI triangles last week and is now the XC Nr 1 in Germany - congratulations!
Meanwhile I have put a new sail on my Litespeed 3,5 s. Quite a lot of work to fit the stickers, but I like the result!
For the German Open, it looks like we will fly a task tomorrow and on Saturday, maybe not on Friday. The weather is difficult to predict at the moment. I just hope it warms up soon, it will be below 0 this night...

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