29 April 2011

Ecki repairs Natalia!

Yesterday I picked up Natalia from hospital in Altötting. Also Regina came by and we had a great dinner together. Ecki is our hero - when I called him about Natalia´s accident, he said, "Send her over straight away, and I will operate her arm free of charge in case she does not have insurance." It´s good to have great friends and to know idealists! By the way, it was Easter holidays. Did not matter to him, and also Ecki´s wife Ingrid is very understanding.
The fracture was complicated, but he and his colleague were able to fix it with the help of some metal.
Right now Natalia is already playing the guitar again (I must not tell Ecki....) and singing happily in my flat. Soon I will take her to Spain to join her friends there before she returns to Russia. We are positive that she will be fit in time to fly again at the Cucco World Championships in July!

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