25 April 2011

Bassano Day 5

We flew again, 5 tasks in a row, I have only seen this once before here in BAssano! We were standing in the cloud for quite a while today, and base didnt get much higher than 1400m, so some of us protested when they wanted to send us over the no landing areas again low. Yesterday was low enough, and we got to 1700!
They cut the task down to about 90 km, again an air started race with two turnpoints in the flatlands - Asolo and Marostica castle. Quite a lot of us made goal, with Alex and Christian close together, but Primoz not in goal and Manfred much slower, so the ranking would be Christian Ciech in 1st, Alex in 2nd and probably Robert Reisinger in 3rd. Elio didn´t fly today, but luckily he only suffered bruises and no shoulder dislocation, he will be fine again soon!
I made goal in 2h 30min, and Im quite happy to rank around 30th place altogether (1st woman), it was a difficult, crowded competition.
Best German pilot is Roland Wöhrle, probably amongst the top 10, second best Andre Djamarani or Gerd Dönhuber!
Luca Donini won the paragliding comp, and Petra Slivova or Seiko won the women´s ranking.
The award ceremony will be at 8pm tonight, and there are still not all the pilots back from retrieve, so I could not check out the final results.
For pictures also check Matjaz´s, Zhenya´s and Ashanta´s blogs.

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