11 April 2011

Early season

The cable cars to the mountain tops are barel running yet, but the weather decided to turn spring on already. When I left for Sao Paulo, it actually felt like summer in Munich, and it was warmer at home than in Brazil. I was sitting in pouring rain, while my friends flew the first large xc distances...
Yesterday I was lucky and enjoyed my first spring flight at Tegelberg - it was more stable than we thought, so we didn´t quite reach our goals of meeting in the air: Regina started in Bad Tölz, while Ute and Christa were trying to start at Chiemgau. I could hear them on the radio, but it was no day for big crossings. Anyway, it was good to see that the snow was gone. Great training and good fun to soar around with friends! (I haven´t received the Tegelberg photos yet, so Florian Wagner helped out;))
Rebi flew with us yesterday, so I guess there will be some photos uploaded soon on Rebi´s page!

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